Case Study: Restoring a 1982 Porsche 911 3.0 SC Coupe to its former glory ...

This much-loved 1982 3.0 SC came in to us for a full restoration, shortly after it had taken its owners on a European tour. In other words, the car was running well and in 'good health' but it was at the stage in its life where it would benefit from a full bodywork and interior refresh. So the strip-down commenced, starting with the interior
After the interior, the front wings and bumper came off, then the glass was taken out
With the rear wing cut away, giving access to the B pillars, the 'kidney bowls' were replaced, followed by the sills
Then the car was taken back to bare metal and (after this shot was taken) the rear wings were reinstated
Offering up the stripped bonnet to the new front wings, getting the shut lines right
The start of the paint process
First coats of paint
... more paint
An arty shot of the painted items
Now to the interior ... the headlining going in
The new dash trim and carpets going in ...
... followed by the door cards and the rear seats (and last of all, the front seats)
And finally, the 3.0 SC in all its glory, looking beautiful
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